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Reservations must be requested and confirmed in advance through Total Adventures or through an authorized agent. You will be sent an official confirmation after the submission of your request.

Reservations are only confirmed if payment has been made in advance. If Total Adventures Inc. has not received the payment and no other agreement has been approved, the reservation is not confirmed.

Changes of itinerary

Changes made to the itineraries more than 48 hours before the departure date will be accepted without charge.
A 20% fee will be applied to changes made to itineraries of less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours before the departure date.

NO change will be reimbursed in itineraries made less than 24 hours before the departure date. In other words, the customer will have to buy a new ticket.
All itinerary changes are subject to availability.

Cancellation policies

Total Adventure Inc will retain a 10% administration fee or US $ 15 per order (not per ticket), whichever is greater in all cancellations requested more than 48 hours before departure.

NO cancellation canceled less than 48 hours before departure will be refunded. “No Shows” will not receive a refund. The shuttle vehicle will only wait 5 minutes at the assigned pick-up locations. If a passenger does not show up five minutes after the assigned pick-up time, a No-show status will occur and the passenger will not receive a refund.

Passengers who begin their trip in Bocas del Toro must register with the Total Adventure Inc agent at the assigned meeting place 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the ship. The “Meeting time” or “Pick up time” on the passenger confirmation vouchers is 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the ship. If passengers do not register within 15 minutes after the time indicated on the confirmation slip, the boat company may reassign its seat to another person, and will NOT receive a refund. The boat can depart without a call or warning 15 minutes before or after the scheduled departure times. The passengers are responsible for being on board. If the boat leaves without a passenger, the passenger will lose the transport and will NOT receive a refund. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE CORRECT BOAT AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Total Adventures Inc reserves the right to modify prices, itineraries, arrange alternative transportation, accommodation or services, or cancel reservations.

Total Adventure Inc. may change or cancel any service for reasons of force majeure, such as: strikes, weather conditions, war or local guerrillas, popular demonstrations, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, etc.

If Total Adventure Inc. begins a transportation service but does not deliver clients to their destinations for reasons of force majeure such as strikes, weather conditions, war or local guerrillas, popular demonstrations, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, etc., Total Adventure Inc. will try to return. customers until the point of departure, but as force majeure is beyond the control of Total Adventure Inc, it can not be guaranteed that Total Adventure Inc will be able to deliver clients safely to their origin or destination. In this case, clients may need to continue independently and must maintain emergency cash. Total Adventure Inc can not be held responsible in this type of situation and has no obligation to issue a refund.

If Total Adventure Inc cancels the service before the service begins for reasons of force majeure, Total Adventure Inc will reprogram the service or approve a full refund at the customer’s option.

If Total Adventure Inc begins the service and then does not deliver customers to the destination and / or origin for reasons of force majeure, the contract between the client and Total Adventure Inc will be considered fulfilled because Total Adventure Inc will have acted in good faith to complete the contract and found significant, normal and possibly extra-normal expenses to do so, and Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect physical or financial damages to customers as a result of not being able to reach their origin or destination, and customers will not receive a refund.

Denial of service

Total Adventure Inc reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason, with or without cause, in our sole discretion. If the service is denied with a cause, which is what we decide in our sole discretion, at any time before or during the service, NO reimbursement will be granted. Some of the reasons why we can deny the service include, among others, the following:
Necessary or advisable action due to weather, floods, war, strikes or other conditions beyond the control of Total Adventure Inc commonly known as “acts of force majeure” and “force majeure”.
Refusal to allow the registration of person or property in search of explosives or weapons, items or deadly, controlled or dangerous substances.
Refusal to produce positive identification upon request.
A physical or mental condition such that, in the sole judgment of Total Adventure Inc, it is presumed or probable that a passenger is unable to understand or comply with the safety instructions without the assistance of a driver or a captain.
The passenger’s behavior is disorderly, abusive or violent, or the passenger seems to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
Attempt to interfere with any member of the trip or the driver or the captain, have a communicable disease that has been determined by a health authority to be transmissible to others in the normal course of service, refuse to obey the instructions of any driver or captain, having an offensive odor not caused by a disability or illness, dressing in a way that may cause discomfort or injury to other passengers, being barefoot, or participating in any action, voluntary or involuntary, that may endanger the safety of the vehicle or any other of its occupants.

Baggage policies

“Baggage” refers to items, effects and other personal items that are necessary or appropriate for your use, comfort or convenience in connection with your trip, whether they are checked in the cargo compartment or transported in the passenger compartment The bus.

Passengers can not bring anything other than their personal luggage. Total Adventure Inc will not act as a cargo carrier.

Baggage included: each passenger is allowed a suitcase and carry-on luggage. The hand luggage must remain with the passenger at all times.

Additional luggage: the transport of extra luggage is not included in the price and must be arranged in advance. There is an additional charge for each additional piece of luggage.

Sports equipment: Surfboards and other sports equipment are considered additional baggage and, therefore, there will be an additional charge for each piece and must be arranged in advance. Surfboards over 7-1 / 2 feet may be charged an additional fee above the normal extra baggage rate.

General acceptance of baggage: only transport of baggage will be accepted as defined in this previous section, item number 1. All baggage is subject to inspection.

Checked baggage will only be accepted for transportation in the transportation service in which you are traveling. Total Adventure Inc will not accept baggage whose size, weight or character makes it unsuitable for transportation in the minivan or boat as determined by Total Adventure Inc. In addition to exceptions for certain special items, no item will be accepted as baggage if it weighs more than 70 pounds / 32 kg or has a total linear side dimension (longer width plus height) of more than 62 inches / 157 cm. Your name should appear on all luggage.

Fragile, perishable and dangerous items: fragile and perishable items will be accepted only if the passenger agrees to release Total Adventure Inc from liability for damages due to deterioration or delay. Hazardous materials will not be accepted as baggage.

Firearms: firearms and ammunition will not be accepted.

Accepted forms of payment

Crossing International Borders

Immigration Customs, etc .: On itineraries that cross international borders, the passenger is responsible for complying with applicable immigration and customs laws and regulations, which include having a valid passport and the required visas, etc.

Problems with immigration: if a passenger encounters unusual problems and delays in immigration, Total Adventure Inc can not wait. In that case, the passenger must seek alternative transportation from the border and the passenger will receive NO REIMBURSEMENT. We encourage passengers to make sure they have the correct documents in order and enough cash to pay for visas, tourist cards, forward flight schedules, etc., more emergency cash in case they are left at the border.

Proof of departure: both Panama and Costa Rica require proof that passengers entering their countries have made transportation arrangements to leave the country or need to be in another nearby country at a future date for a flight. This means a ticket for an international flight. This ticket can be from any country in Central America to another destination. Costa Rican and Panamanian officials at this border crossing DO NOT consider a reservation with Total Adventure Inc as evidence. However, the vouchers of Total Adventure Inc are good as proof of departure with airlines and immigration officials at the airports of Costa Rica and Panama.


Total Adventure Inc acts as a transport agent and tour operator of third parties. Total Adventure Inc can not assume responsibility and is not responsible for the actions or negligence of third party operators and tour operators.

Total Adventure Inc will not be responsible for the loss or damage of baggage, carry-on baggage, additional baggage and port equipment. Total Adventure Inc is not responsible for lost or left objects in boats, vehicles, etc.
Total Adventure Inc will not be responsible for the schedule changes in ferry or water taxi services, or for accidents and / or loss of luggage during the trip on the ferry or water taxi.

Total Adventure Inc will endeavor to transport you and your luggage with a reasonable dispatch, but the schedules shown on the itinerary or elsewhere are not guaranteed and do not form part of any contract. Total Adventure Inc may, without prior notice, substitute alternate contractors, change routes and, if necessary, modify or omit the stopping places shown on the ticket. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Total Adventure Inc is not responsible or liable for the impossibility of making connections or operating a transport service according to schedule or for a change in the schedule of any transport service. In no case, Total Adventure Inc will be responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages derived from the foregoing.

Total Adventure Inc may, in the event of a force majeure event or events commonly known as “acts of God”, without notice, cancel, terminate, deviate, postpone or delay any transportation service without liability, except to issue an involuntary refund . The involuntary refund will be made in the original form of payment in accordance with the involuntary refund rules for any unused portion of the clients’ itinerary. Total Adventure Inc also reserves the right to determine whether a pick-up or return must be made without any liability, except the aforementioned involuntary refund.

Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility for loss, damage to baggage transferred not accepted by Total Adventure Inc as checked baggage, items damaged as a result of items contained in checked or transferred baggage, and items accepted by Total Adventure Inc in accordance with the execution of a launch form.
Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility for the items that are transported in the passenger cabin.
Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility for minor damages such as scratches, scrapes, stains, dents, cuts and dirt as a result of normal wear and tear.

Total Adventure Inc is not responsible for damage to the contents if the outer part of the rigid casing is not damaged.
Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of outstanding pieces of luggage, such as wheels, strips, pockets, pull handles, hanging hooks or other items subject to baggage.

Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility for indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or special damages resulting from losses, damages for loss of income or profits, loss of use or business interruption.
Passengers accept that any dispute over liability will be decided in a Panama court. In any case, the responsibility of Total Adventure Inc for the loss, damage or delay in the delivery of the checked or transferred luggage is limited to the actual value of the luggage or $ 100.00, whichever is less. Even if the passenger declares a higher value, Total Adventure Inc. will not cover more than the sum of $ 100.00.

Adventure activities: when practiced in adventure activities, and / or visiting wilderness areas or other places where a tour enters or takes place, the participant of the tour attests and assumes the risks and dangers inherent in these areas and activities .

Accidents: the liability for death or personal injury to passengers is limited to the conditions of the contract with the suppliers and the insurance coverage subscribed by the company, in accordance with the laws of Panama, in force at the time of the accident.

Involuntary refunds

In case a refund is required because Total Adventure Inc does not operate as scheduled or refuses to transport it, the next refund will be made directly to you. If the ticket was not used in full, the total amount was paid (no service or administration fee) or refund penalty), or if the ticket is used partially, the rate applicable for the unused segment (s) (s) ). Children
Rate: Total Adventure Inc can offer special rates for children UNDER 9 years old. An approved child seat (not provided) is required for children between 6 months and 3 years or as stipulated by local laws.
Accompanied: children under 9 years old will be accepted for transportation when accompanied by a passenger of at least 18 years of age.
Unaccompanied: unaccompanied minors under the age of 9 will not be accepted under any circumstances. Unaccompanied adolescents over 12 years of age will be accepted and considered as adults, will travel under the responsibility of their parents and Total Adventure Inc assumes no responsibility.

Passengers with special needs

Total Adventures Inc strives to provide passengers with disabilities with dignified, professional and courteous service at all times. The customer service representative who responds to the customer’s initial email passes the pertinent information to our operations staff once the customer has made the reservation.

Pre-booked seats: Total Adventure Inc will lock the seats in each minivan to accommodate customers who identify themselves as qualified disabled. Adjacent seats are provided, in certain circumstances, for clients with disabilities who must travel with a companion to receive assistance.
Assistive Devices: Unfortunately, Total Adventure Inc can not accept motorized and non-motorized assist devices for transportation. We are able to accept a manual wheelchair. We will disassemble and assemble wheelchairs for clients when they travel. We do not provide wheelchairs to our customers.
Boarding Assistance: If you have special needs, upon request, you will be provided with pre-boarding assistance, which allows you the opportunity to sit down before general boarding or pre-book a special seat.
Therapeutic oxygen: Total Adventure Inc does not provide therapeutic oxygen on board.
Service Animals: Total Adventure Inc has adopted a NO PETS policy. As much as we love them, unfortunately we can not accommodate service animals in our vans.


Total Adventure Inc has adopted a NO PETS policy. As much as we love them, unfortunately we can not accommodate pets or service animals in our boats and vans.