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Carnavales en bocas del toro con los amigos de Filthy Friday
18 Jan

How are the carnivals in Bocas del toro 2019 Panama?

If you want to spend the best vacation of your life, Bocas del Toro is the best option in carnival season! and I intend to explain why?

Before I feel the obligation to tell you, it is an investment that will bring value and experience to your days off and relax. You will have an incredible vacation at the carnival and more when the team of TOTAL ADVENTURE INC is the one who is guiding you through this adventure.

Another very important thing that we think you have to know, is that here is a pleasant environment, with warm people and a very high margin of security, to guarantee a fabulous stay and without any worries.

Please do not compare us with the carnivals of Panama City, much less with those of the central provinces.

Types of people you will find for this carnival holidays

Well, I told you how they are in terms of safety. Now what I think is worth telling you is the kind of people you will find for these dates.

To give you a concrete example, to celebrate are very select people: families and people who come in plan to enjoy, know and have fun without having to think about anything else but having a good time.

At the same time we have young people from all over the world, most of them from the United States who have arrived by chance and have no idea how exciting carnivals are in this region.

That we are in carnivals does not mean that you will not be able to do tourism, usually the parties are in the night with platform of shows and much more. THE MORNING IS FROM THE BEACH 🏄♂🌊😎

During the day you can be at the paradisiacal beaches of Boca del Toro, changing the traditional scenario with the queens, for an original and unique experience.

Before I think you deserve to know this, for these carnival parties we prepare something we have never seen before, in case you want to give your mind another experience you will have 50% DISCOUNTS on surfing, diving, yoga, sking-diving and FREE activities bike service so you can walk all mouths town.

Carnivals en Bocas del Toro with friends of Filthy Friday

You already know that the translation of Filthy = Dirty … ..I do not have to tell you what it means.

For us it is the best beach party that is being celebrated today in Panama, and not only that since it is all Fridays of the year.

Also for you we activate a 50% DISCOUNT code on the total of these tickets so you can enjoy it when you return to the bull’s mouths (We know you will return)

Testimony about Bocas del toro Carnivals

“I have the beach in the day, where I can relax away from everything, but at night I can go to the nightclub, go to dinner and have a good time in a fun environment, along with my friends,” says a visitor who chose to go to the carnivals of Boca del Toro with friends. Go ahead and come and have a good time!


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